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I love you❤️

I love you… These are words most parents can take for granted. These are words I have taken for granted especially with Bree. I don’t remember the first time she said I love you. I know she said it probably around age two and she said it to me very often throughout a day in fact she still does. I should really enjoy this before her pre-teen years start. I’m sure I was happy when she said the three words.  I’m almost positive I said,  I love you too, Bree. It just wasn’t a huge milestone to me as a first-time parent. I remember grabbing the camera for her first steps, first words, first bath and so on.

Well, now milestones like this are huge to me. I do remember the first time Tyler said I love you because it was around two months ago. Every night I tuck the kids into bed and I say I love you,  goodnight sweet dreams. I used to try to explain to Tyler that he should Respond by saying goodnight,  I love you too. He would ask if he had to say it back and I would say no of course you don’t have to. I knew he loved us he just showed his love in different ways. Instead of hugs we would do thumb high fives which are something we invented together when he was very little. It’s just as it sounds you give a thumbs up and then tap thumbs. It’s awesome we still do it sometimes! It was a great way to get him more comfortable with physical contact and he loved the praise. Tyler isn’t against all physical contact he actually loves to cuddle just on his terms. He has been greeting me at school pickup with a giant hug while throwing me his backpack.

Around two months ago I tucked Tyler into bed I said goodnight, sweet dreams I love you. Tyler then said I love you, then he asked if that’s all he had to say. I said that was perfect and I loved him too. I was able to sneak in an extra kiss and a thumb high-five. I was so happy when I closed his bedroom door I had tears of joy. I also felt guilty had I been pressuring him to say something he didn’t understand the meaning of? The feeling of Love is what is important not the words. Don’t get me wrong the words are great but, it took me awhile to realize I didn’t need him to verbally say mom, I love you because I know he loves me and more important he knows I love him.

Then last night same routine as always, I tucked him in snug as a bug in a rug, I love you Tyler sweet dreams. I was about to close his door and he said it. I love you too❤️❤️❤️❤️

I was so happy this time no guilt he said it because he wanted to say it. I don’t need him to say the words but, I love that he did and I treasured it because it could be another two months before he’s ready to say it again and I’m actually fine with that!


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