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Handsome to the rescue 

People thought I was crazy getting a dog while having small kids. I had always grown up with a dog and the house just felt empty to me without one. Mack was working and studying really long hours leaving me home alone the majority of the day and night. Having a dog just made me feel more secure. 

I finally convinced Mack to get a dog and we found the perfect mix breed rescue. 

When Tyler was first diagnosed with Autism I was very overwhelmed but, all I could think was it wasn’t fair to Handsome he was going to spend 30 hours a week stuck in my bedroom during Tyler’s therapy. I seriously considered finding him a new home until my mother in law said you know a lot of people work 40 plus hours a week and leave a dog home. That’s when I realized I was stressing out over the wrong things.

We kept Handsome and I know we made the right decision. He is a real pain sometimes for example as I type this he’s just laying here crying because I can’t reach to pat him. Overall, he his a wonderful smart dog who just wants to be patted 24/7.

This weekend we were getting ready for swim lessons. I yelled everyone shoes on, coats on its time to go. Well,  Tyler thought it was time for him to actually go, I mean I did say time to go. I was running around grabbing whatever last-minute things we always need to leave the house Handsome is barking like crazy at the picture window. I assumed another dog was walking by but then I see Tyler standing in the driveway. I yelled to Mack who ran right outside to get him. He asked Tyler why he went outside? Tyler said he was just getting into the car for swim lessons. Mack was maybe 5 seconds behind Tyler so, in the grand scheme of things this wasn’t that big of a deal. We have all sorts of safety measures in place to prevent the kids from leaving the house this was our mistake, we said time to go.

I gave the dog a treat and praised him for alerting us. I never trained Handsome to do this I just always hoped he would. As we got in the car and went to swimming lessons I thought I’m glad I didn’t give in to the stress of the early Autism days because I love having a dog He’s part of our family and I love that he will watch over and protect the kids.


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