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I wanted to punch the doctor in the face, but, I didn’t…

Tyler has been sick the last few nights with a cough and fever When he started with a croupy cough and horsed voice we headed to the pediatrician.

He was very anxious going to the dr because the last visit he needed X-rays and blood work. I was able to get him through all the previous lab tests by motivating him with a new sky lander trap team figure.

Today he asked if he needed blood work could he earn another sky lander figure? I agreed. The appointment was pretty easy he has croup and requires a 5 day steroid treatment and regular nebulizer treatments. No X-rays or blood work needed.

On the way out I told him how proud I was and he did a great job. He asked if he could go pick out his sky lander now. I said he didn’t need to get blood work so, even though he did a great job the deal was sky lander for good behavior during labs.

Tyler then said “I was really good though I wanted to scream and punch the doctor when he looked in my throat and I didn’t” doesn’t that count it was really hard to control myself.

You got me kid. A year ago he would have punched that doctor in the face and scream as loud as possible. He amazes me every day with his progress. It must have been really hard for him not to scream and hit that doctor.

However, his control isn’t what makes me happy. It’s how well he understood his emotions and was able to express them to me. Hopefully, going on the prednisone doesn’t set him back like it has in the past. We will see.

So, I’m  kind of a sucker and we went to target and picked out his sky lander!


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