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Easter expectations

Easter has been a tough holiday for me since Tyler was first diagnosed with autism. Tyler’s second Easter we had an Easter egg hunt at my parents house. It was just Bree my niece and nephew and Tyler. I was pregnant with Joey at the time. The other three kids held the Easter baskets and very happily ran around the yard collecting as many eggs as possible. I expected Joey was going to do the same. I’m

not sure why I expected this given he was just diagnosed with autism I’ll blame the pregnancy hormones and stress.

Tyler just stood in his own world not noticing anyone or anything around him. He refused to hold an Easter basket and didn’t even notice the eggs hidden around the yard. He just bolted not responding to his name. We tried to help him collect some eggs so he wouldn’t feel left out. I’m glad we did because he eventually like the Easter eggs when he realized the opened and closed. He was happy opening and closing the eggs for a long time.

I’m ok with him not being interested in the egg hunt it just made me sad at the time to watch and see him so disengaged from the rest of us. I remember going home that night and just crying.

I thought I was sad for Tyler but, I think I was really sad for myself. I wanted him to be able to participate and enjoy it the same way his sister did. I also wanted to see him participate and enjoy himself. That night I thought that was never going to happen.(I’ll blame the hormones again!)

One thing I’m glad autism has taught me is that you really appreciate milestones when they are met because you know just how hard your kiddo and family have worked to reach that milestone. It doesn’t matter how big or small you just appreciate them more.

Well, the following Easter Tyler grabbed his Easter basket and ran around grabbing as many eggs as he could find. He loved being outside he loved hunting for the hidden eggs. I just stood by watching while my eyes filled with tears of joy.

It’s kind of a silly milestone because Tyler made a lot of amazing progress during that year but, watching him engaged and happy that Easter was by far one of my favorite memories.

This Easter the egg hunt was indoors because the snow in Boston is still here, and the places you can finally see grass are just mud. Anyway, I didn’t get to watch Tyler as much this year because, I was trying to calm and re-direct Joey.

Joey had a complete meltdown when he saw that the Easter bunny brought him the same animals that one of his aba therapists brings to the house. The other reason I didn’t really watch the egg hunt was because Bree and Tyler were so excited they found most of the eggs in two minutes😊

Joey, did eventually move on once he realized the animals were for him and the Easter bunny had not taken them from his therapists bag. I just wish Joey had enjoyed himself a little more this morning, I  hate that something so small to us can make a fun moment stressful for him.

All three kids loved decorating eggs and carrot cake cupcakes for the Easter bunny. The best part was they did this Together with no meltdowns!  I’m happy to say we had a great Easter.

I look forward to next year so, I can do my yearly Easter comparison and be happy to see all the amazing progress my kids make each year! ( I will also make sure the Easter bunny doesn’t bring toys any therapists have!)

Happy Easter!


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  1. Thanks for sharing. I had completely stopped trying EASTER egg hunts because it always ended badly…but I will try again next year. I pray I’ll see progress!

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