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Cake Decorating as therapy!

As I mentioned in my previous post I have been a bit anxious recently. I would like to say this is a new problem but It’s not. I’m pretty much anxious over everything especially when it comes to my kids. One of the things that can really trigger my anxiety is my family’s food allergies. 

My son Tyler has a peanut allergy and the thought of feeding him something that could kill him is terrifying. I also have an allergy to almonds and my husband is allergic to shellfish so, we are pretty aware of food allergies. On top of the life-threatening food allergies, we also need to limit dairy and gluten on our son Joey.  Food allergies are not fun you have to constantly be worried about what you eat it’s very stressful.

My niece’s birthday was coming up and our usual allergy safe cake lady did not have any availability that weekend. My sister decided to try to make a fondant Olaf based off a you tube video my niece has been watching. So, one Saturday my sister and I made our own fondant and tried to make Olaf. My sister Emily became frustrated rather quickly so, I decided to give it a shot.

I loved every second of trying to sculpt that silly Olaf. I felt relaxed and just engulfed in the cake decorating process.

That night I went on Pinterest and started pinning different Olaf cakes went on you tube watching some of the videos my niece has been obsessed with lately.

I had a month to try and make a cake that was fun and presentable. My niece and daughter are totally in love with the idea of baking and decorating so, they had very strong opinions on what and how I was doing.  I kept practicing fondant Olaf’s and I had a few that came out pretty good. Then I decided to try an all buttercream frosting cake and the results were pretty good.  My sister worked on making the buttercream frosting and I focused on decorating. We made some really cute leprechaun cupcakes for St. Patrick’s day and a bunch of test cakes and cupcakes.

My niece wanted an Olaf in Summer themed cake to match her party theme. I’m pretty happy with the ending result and I really enjoyed the entire process so, I have invested in a few basic cake decorating supplies and I’m moving on to my next cake Darth Vader for my son’s 5th birthday and possibly an Elsa cake for a friend.

I don’t think my sister and I are going to start making cakes for a living. It was nice to find something that was just for me that helped my anxiety. Now I need to find a hobby like running because I’m really bad at not testing the frosting and extra cake shavings!

My youngest helper!
My youngest helper!

4 thoughts on “Cake Decorating as therapy!”

  1. Wow that cake looks awesome. Be sure to post your Darth Vader cake when you make it. It is great to find something that is relaxing and frees us up from the daily stressed of life. I can’t imagine what it is like having life threatening allergies, we have just gone dairy free to try and help with some tummy issues he kids and I have and that is hard enough. You sound like such an amazing mum, keep doing what you are doing. Ps, your little boy looks super cute in that photo.

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  2. We just found out that my grandson is allergic to peanuts and has to have glutton free diet. He can’t have dairy. Keep a close eye on some recipe’s. I am going to research it. Sorry you have to go through that with your family

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    1. I’m so sorry you and your family have to deal with this it’s so scary. Always have an epi pen and read every label.
      I’ll let you know if I come across any good recipes!
      We buy a lot of udi’s and King Arthur flour baking mixes I’m just not sure if they are dairy free.


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