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Bree’s Medical update

I haven't written in a while if you had read my previous posts my oldest daughter had been very ill this winter. After numerous tests including an MRI and a few ultrasounds, and X-rays. we were able to move the colonoscopy date up by a month. We anticipated an inflammatory bowel disease diagnosis, and she was… Continue reading Bree’s Medical update

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autism and empathy

You often hear that having autism means a lack empathy and emotion. I know for a fact this isn't true, both of my boys are empathetic they regularly have and show many feelings. I realize that these feelings may sometimes be more difficult for them, to process then acknowledge and express but they are absolutely present, and… Continue reading autism and empathy

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Here is a pencil, please accept it.

 Here’s a pencil. Please accept it. Unless you live under a rock, it has been impossible to escape politics.  I'm going to go with the trend and voice some concern. I regularly follow and yes, even enjoy politics. I respect everyone's political opinion even if I don't agree. I’m all for voicing concerns and disagreements… Continue reading Here is a pencil, please accept it.